Breast pumping is usually needed if you like to go out to work or any other errands, and still feed breast milk to your baby.

Here are some tips and guidelines to help you do it:

  • Find a comfortable place to express your milk.
  • Select the correct size breast shield (the part of the pump that is shaped like a funnel) for your breast.
  • Try to follow routine, it will help to produce a better milk flow (try to set a fixed time of the day to pump)
  • Some women  massage their breasts before pumping to encourage the milk flow
  •  Create a good seal between the breast shield and the breast (avoid pushing the edges of the breast shield into your breast tissue – it may cause blocked milk ducts. Hold the breast shield from your pump set between your thumb and index finger. Use your palm and the other fingers to support your breast.
  • Find the right pump for you (Electric or manual? Single or double pump? Brand and breast shield size.

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