Correct positioning and technique for latching on are necessary to prevent nipple soreness and allow the baby to obtain enough milk.

Babies can successfully latch on to the breast from multiple positions. Each baby may prefer a particular position. The “football” hold places the baby’s legs next to the mother’s side with the baby facing the mother. Using the “cradle” or “cross-body” hold, the mother supports the baby’s head in the crook of her arm. The “cross-over” hold is similar to the cradle hold, except that the mother supports the baby’s head with the opposite hand. The mother may choose a reclining position on her back or side with the baby laying next to her.

Illustration depicting correct latch-on

position during breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding – Cradle hold.

Breastfeeding – Cross cradle position.

Breastfeeding – Expressing milk.

Breastfeeding – Football hold.

Breastfeeding – Incorrect vs correct latch-on.

Breastfeeding – Inverted nipple.

Breastfeeding – Massage breast.

Breastfeeding – Nipple shell.

Breastfeeding – Semi-reclining position.

Breastfeeding – Side-lying position.

Breastfeeding – Tease lips or cheek.

Breastfeeding – Twins, cross cradle position I.

Breastfeeding – Twins, football or clutch hold.

Breastfeeding – Twins, parallel position II.

Positions short summary

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